About Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is an ancient method of healing with the use of whole herbs, which contain many supportive nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes and trace elements, thus offering a truly holistic approach to improved health and well-being.

Nearly half of pharmaceutical drugs currently being produced are of plant origin, but their chemical compounds are used in isolation and even synthesised, without the gentle and moderating effects of the supportive nutrients mentioned above. This often leads to many side effects. Herbalists aim to treat the whole person and the root cause of their complaint, not just the symptoms.

We herbalists call our therapy Traditional because of centuries of experience and practice (but is constantly being updated to suit 21st century conditions). There are other labels such as Alternative- because it is often used as an effective treatment where others have failed, Complementary - because it is often used alongside orthodox medicine, and Holistic because we treat the whole person - not just their symptoms. During a consultation, not only your physical side, but the emotional, psychical and spiritual aspects of your being will be considered in order to find the cause of your dis-ease and enable the body to heal itself.

Nutritional Therapy is an essential part of every consultation. Simple adjustments to the diet can produce very positive results and maybe all that is necessary to achieve well-being.

Together with the correct supplements for your particular needs and a blend of herbs unique to each person, long lasting healing can take place in the hands of a trained practitioner.

Everything is confidential, so you can literally 'let your hair down!' and in this way both therapist and patient can work together to achieve lasting health.

Image above is Black Horehound  (Ballota nigra) used for bronchitis

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