About Your Treatment.

The first consultation (£45) will take approximately 1 hour to an hour and a half, when your detailed case history will be analysed, using the same diagnostic techniques as your General Practitioner, as well as iridology (examination of the iris). Lifestyle, exercise, diet and any medicines being taken will be thoroughly examined in strictest confidence, and advice given on these aspects as appropriate.

Subsequent Consultations (from  £25) will depend on your condition. You may only need a half-hour follow-up on one or two occasions, or a more on-going programme of therapy for chronic conditions. Herbal medicines will be prescribed at reasonable rates.

Many NHS GPs are now sympathetic towards herbal medicine, and it is becoming common for practitioners of both disciplines to work together.

Patients can also be referred to specialist units in the Somerset area if necessary.

Please ask if you need a free 10 minute preliminary discussion.

For more detail email Bett Partridge

Bett Partridge DBTh MURHP
Registered Medical Herbalist.
Nutritional Therapy
8 Coombe Brook
Wookey Hole
Somerset BA5 1BL
Tel: 01749 673 069