Worried about the Flu?

Do you always seem to go down with something when the cold and damp winter approaches? Do you suffer from SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorder) when the dark evenings draw in?

When you seek help are you turned away with - Here's a pill - go away!

It is time to seek qualified and caring alternative treatment. What you really need is advice on building up your immune system, creating your individual positive holistic health approach, with supplements and a nutritional diet to take you through those dark days.


Here are some hot tips for preventing colds and flu and to help keep a smile on your face!


•  Diet This really is the very first thing to consider. Eat at least five good-sized portions of fresh vegetables and fruit every day. Make sure to include broccoli, greens and carrots. Prunes and kiwi fruits are also particularly helpful, both for the immune system and the bowels. A pizza topped with a few bits of onion and a mushroom DOES NOT count as two portions!

•  Lunches - for takeaway lunches whilst working, try home-made vegetable soups which can be made in large quantities and frozen into single portions. TIP: If you can find organic pumpkins you can blend the baked skin into the soup - no-one will ever know, and think of all the Vitamin A you'll get in the form of beta carotene, which is also abundant in carrots and other orange coloured food. Vitamin A is good for the skin, but it's also good for the 'skin' of every cell, so that viruses can't get in or out of cells and multiply. If you're pregnant you will need to watch your vitamin A intake. Fill a sandwich box with lots of salad, nuts and beans with a tasty dressing of your choice.

•  Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day (room temperature or hot water with lemon). If you can't bring yourself to do this, fill two 1ltr. bottles of water and take sips throughout the day until they're empty. Herbal teas such as Yerba Mate and Lapacho are also particularly helpful.

•  Eat garlic as much as your friends and social life will allow (or take garlic capsules).

•  Reduce sugar and refined foods as much as possible (e.g. cakes, biscuits, chocolate, sugar in drinks, white bread, white rice). Sugar dramatically lowers immunity.

•  Avoid saturated animal fat which clogs up the lymphatic system. Your immune cells can't travel down congested pathways. Instead, eat fish, skinless chicken and turkey. Avoid excessive cheeses and full-fat milk. Any kind of cows milk (including skimmed) can cause catarrh. For those who enjoy their beef or lamb steaks, cut off as much fat as possible, but if you have already succumbed to a cold, then you're better off with fish and vegetables.

•  Restrict alcohol and avoid coffee and soft drinks. These adversely affect blood sugar levels, leading to short term energy highs followed by energy slumps, which then encourage us to eat sugary foods. They also reduce magnesium which is needed to handle stress and blood sugar balance. Many people nowadays alternate one glass of alcohol with one glass of water, or drink them side by side.

•  Avoid cigarette smoke, traffic fumes and household chemicals as much as possible.

•  Exercise at least 3 times per week. This doesn't have to be in the gym - a good old fashioned work-out to some energetic dance music in the living room, or an exercise video, is just as good for the immune system. If for any reason you're not able to do vigorous exercise (injury, elderly or ill) then any movement is better than none. All movement helps to cleanse the lymphatic system which enables immune cells to travel more efficiently.

•  Stress overload is very destructive beat it by taking relaxation exercises, yoga or Ti Chi classes, working fewer hours, delegating at home and at work to those less busy, 'letting go', or whatever is needed. Above all, a good laugh works wonders for the immune system!

If you do catch a cold or feel fluey' seek professional help but remember . . . .

Antibiotics? Colds and viruses unfortunately do not respond to antibiotics, so resist the temptation to attack your pesky cold with non-effective treatments. Giving children counter cold and flu medicines is also a no-no, as there is little clinical evidence to support their effectiveness and they can leave the little ones with side-effects.

Keep warm by eating hot, nutrient rich food. Your immune system will thank you for it. Warm yourself from the inside out by drinking fresh tea such as honey and lemon, which has both antibacterial qualities from the honey and a high vitamin C content from the lemon. Herbal teas, especially elderflower or apple and ginger, will help to sweat' out toxins. Take advantage of your cold with comforting warm soups, cute hot water bottles, fluffy slippers, a soft robe and a cosy beanie? Warning: not a great look for the neighbours, so feel free to stay indoors!

Warm wishes for winter vitality!!!

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