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Recent Topics

    RECENT LEGISLATION on the availability of herbal products and the Statutory Regulation of herbal practitioners 2011. Read More:
  • The Flu
    Do you always seem to go down with something when the cold and damp winter approaches? Do you suffer from SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorder) when the dark evenings draw in?. Read More.
  • Coping with Pain
    There is no human alive who has not experienced some sort of pain or other, and coping with it depends on exactly which sort they have. Pain is nature's way of telling us something is wrong (no Brownie points for guessing that!), but without it we would ignore the broken wrist, the skin burn, the wonky hip etc. and carry on heedless of the consequential damage. Read More
  • Bett Partridge DBTh MURHP
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